Space Patrol Luluco
Kanji 宇宙パトロールルル子
Rōmaji Uchū Patorōru Ruruko
Series Information
Genre Science Fiction, Comedy
Writer Hiroyuki Imaishi
Director Hiroyuki Imaishi
Studio Trigger
Network AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11
Original Run April 01, 2016 – June 24, 2016
Episodes 13
Duration 7 Minutes

Space Patrol Luluco (宇宙パトロールルル子 Uchū Patorōru Ruruko) is a short anime television series produced by Trigger. It first began airing in Japan on April 01, 2016, as part of Ultra Super Anime Time's programming block.[1]


Luluco is a thirteen year old girl who lives in the solar system frontier space colonization zone Ogikubo, with her father, who works for the respective Space Patrol. Despite being a part of this wondrous district full of alien immigrants, who were accepted into the system 20 years prior to the story, Luluco manages to live the life of an ordinary schoolgirl. However, when her father is accidentally frozen at breakfast, Luluco brings him to his work place in hopes of reviving him, where she is appointed as a member of the Space Patrol by the head of the division, Chief Over Justice in order to afford to the cost of reviving him. From then on, Luluco's previously normal life faces a drastic change, as she is sent on daily missions to protect Ogikubo from space criminals, together with her assigned partner, transfer classmate and romantic interest, AΩ Nova.



The official anime series began airing in Japan on April 01, 2016, as part of Ultra Super Anime Time's programming block. The opening theme for the first season is "Cry Max do Heijitsu" (CRYまっくすド平日) by Fujirokkyu (Kari), while the ending theme used is "Pipo Password" by TeddyLoid feat. Bonjour Suzuki.


A manga adaptation illustrated by Nanboku began serialization in Shueisha's Ultra Jump magazine from April 2016 and is being released in English by Crunchyroll.[2]

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