Kanji ミドリ
Rōmaji Midori
Hair color Lavender with pink hues
Eye color Yellow
Gender Female
Occupation Student, Space Patrol Officer
Status Alive
Anime Information
Voice Actor(s) Mayumi Shintani (Japanese)
Jamie Marchi (English)
First Appearance Episode 03

Midori (ミドリ Midori), also known as Save The World, is a classmate of Luluco. After being caught as publisher of an illegal Blackhole App, she volunteers to join the Space Patrol in order to get out of any punishments for her crime, as well as to spend more time at the side of AΩ Nova.


Midori is identifiable by the eye in her hair, which can be seen moving along with her regular two. She has bright blue skin, and lavender hair tinged pink at the ends. She wears typical school attire when not fulfilling her new duty.


Midori is a greedy and self-centered child, which is fitting as she is only in middle school. She doesn't put up with the harebrained methods in which the Space Patrol conducts itself, and has no problem in openly criticizing methods and morals of those around her. She has no true desire to bring about justice, she only really cares about spending time with AΩ Nova. Despite Luluco's affections toward Nova, she also has feelings for him and tries to spend time with him.


"LITTLE SHIT!" - Towards Luluco (Episode 03)


  • A plush doll of Midori appeared in SSSS.Gridman.
  • Midori's voice actor also voices Nonon Jakazure and Lucia Fex from Kill la Kill and Promare respectively.


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