Kanji ルル子
Rōmaji Ruruko
Hair color Reddish Brown
Eye color Cyan
Gender Female
Age 13 Years[1]
Family Keiji (Father)
Lalaco Godspeed (Mother)
Occupation Student, Space Patrol Officer
Status Alive
Anime Information
Voice Actor(s) Mao Ichimichi (Jp)
Brittney Karbowski (En)
First Appearance Episode 01

Luluco (ルル子 Ruruko) is the main character of Space Patrol Luluco. She is a thirteen year old middle school student who lives together with her father in Ogikubo. Her biggest wish has always been to live a normal life, despite odd living place, but when her father is accidentally frozen at breakfast, she brings him to his work place in the hopes of reviving him, where she is suddenly assigned the role of a Space Officer, in order to afford helping her father.[1]


Luluco is identifiable by the star that sits in her hair, which resembles a shooting star. She wears a typical school girls uniform when not in her patrol attire.


Luluco is an innocent, wishful and a nervous-sort. She is polite, but she is easily excitable and can get whimsical at times.


Her alter-ego is Trigger-chan, named after the animation studio Trigger.


"Uh, I'm totally not dead!" - (Episode 08)
"He's sentenced to 30,000 light years in prison!" - (Episode 07)