The Mysterious Power's Trap (不思議な力の罠 Fushigi na Chikara no Wana) is the eighth episode of the Space Patrol Luluco animation series. It first aired in Japan, on May 20, 2016.


Luluco and Nova visit a witch academy planet looking for Ogikubo. Luluco gets jealous as her and Nova wonder how get on top of a tower, because she doesn't want anyone to flirt with Nova as he suggest asking a with to fly them up on a broomstick. Luluco uses her "Awake, Judgement Gun Morphing" to launch herself to the top of the tower, where a witch named Sucy stuffs Luluco with some poisonous mushrooms that will allegedly kill her in six minutes. Nova gets up the tower with the stairs to find out the signal of Ogikubo is just a green stone.Luluco accepting her death askes Nova for her first kiss so she can die happy. Luluco reaches over and kisses Nova. After Luluco "dies" she falls back after her first kiss and the opens her eyes to realize she isn't dead.Then Sucy realises the poison would work in 60 years then Nova and Luluco leave in a spaceship.


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