ΑΩ Nova
Alpha Omega Nova
Kanji ΑΩ ·ノヴァ
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Light Blue
Gender Male
Occupation Student, Space Patrol Officer
Status Unknown; but presumed to be "Alive" in a different place in the universe.
Anime Information
Voice Actor(s) Junya Enoki (Jp)
Justin Briner (En)
First Appearance Episode 02

AΩ Nova (ΑΩ ·ノヴァ), spoken Alpha Omega Nova, is a Space Patrol officer and partner of Luluco. He transferred to Luluco's school and became her new classmate.[1]


His hair is blond and curly. He is usually in a posture of nonchalance. His eyes are blue and he seems to be a bit taller than Luluco.


It was recently revealed he is a race of alien called a Nothingling. His race hails from a planet that literally has nothing. They are hollow and it's assumed they feel no emotion, explaining his cool demeanor and indifference.
Despite this, in Episode 12, Luluco's confession of first love sets off a supernova within his brain, resulting in him unlocking the ability to feel true human emotion. He also states that this love has become mutual, and that he is also in love with her.



"I don't mind either way." - (Episode 3)